Edison Puccio

This will be Coach Puccio’s fourth year coaching JV Boys Soccer.   
Education and Certification
Coach Puccio has a BS in Mathematics from the University of North Georgia, a MA in Education, and a gifted in-field endorsement from Piedmont College.  He currently has his 3v3, 7v7, 9v9, and 11v11 coaching certificate.  Coach Puccio also obtained his National Coaching Diploma through United Soccer Coaches.  Coach Puccio grew up playing soccer in California from age 8 all through high school.  Through his youth, he was a part of the YMCA Soccer League.  In High School, he started all 4 years playing for Sunny Hills High School, California. 
Coaching Experience
Coach Puccio began coaching for the YMCA Soccer League in California for 2 years (ages 8 - 10).  Coach Puccio started his high school coaching career at Lambert High School.  This will be his fourth year coaching the JV team. 

Coach Puccio has 1 dog.