Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format of the tournament?

We have posted tournament rules under the 3 v 3 Tournament tab.

Here are a couple of main points to focus on:

  • All registered teams are coached by current Lambert High School players (all adults are to stay outside the fence…this is an event FOR THE KIDS!)

  • Fields will be 25 yards wide x 30 yards long with small pop-up goals on each end

  • No throw-ins – restarts from the touchline are to be kicked in

  • No goals can be scored from the defensive half of the field

  • No goalkeepers

  • All teams will play a minimum of 3 matches (25 minutes each with running clock)

  • Substitutions on any stoppage for either team

Are parents allowed on playing field especially for U-5-6 players?

Be assured that our objective is to provide a safe and orderly environment for all tournament participants, and in that spirit, feel that allowing anyone other than tournament workers and players on the field would compromise it.

The youth coach will escort the players back to you in your designated waiting area in the stands once their games are complete, and the parents are free to take them around to the contest tents, concession stand and other activities outside the stadium. The team manager and parents will need to be responsible for meeting back at the team’s waiting area 15-20 minutes before their next game so they can go down on the field with their youth coach.


Can we add a 6th player to our team roster?

We hold roster limits to 5 players to maintain integrity and consistency within each age group. It winds up being a long, arduous day,

We do allow teams to “under-roster” with as few as 4 players (to maximize playing time & touches)


I want to register a team with 6 players because 1 or 2 have to leave throughout the day for other activities. Is this okay?

Since it is written in the tournament rules and we are following tournament protocol, we can only allow 5 players per roster.


If we have a sick player on the roster who can’t participate on a team of 4, is it too late to get another player?

You may replace the sick player but once you check-in the team (30 minutes before the 1st game), no more roster changes are permitted.  Per tournament rules, teams are bracketed by age of oldest player and a replacement player must be in the same age group that the team was originally registered.  Please bring proof of the age of the replacement player when you register, as well as his/her completed medical waiver form.


What do players wear at the tournament? 

For 3v3 tournament the players should wear their own team jerseys or if they don't have that, same color shirts will work. 


Do you honor requests for special scheduling consideration?

In regards to scheduling, due to the logistics of creating schedules for a minimum of 3 games each for as many as 80 teams, unfortunately we just can't honor specific scheduling requests.  In order to provide ample recovery time within the day, we are consistent with down time between games in order to fit semis and finals in, and still accomplish the safest approach to the day with regard to the athletes involved schedule will wind up working out.


We’re playing in another tournament that day.  Can you adjust our schedule?

Unfortunately, due to the enormity of an 80-team schedule (with 8 games going on at a time...all day), we are not able to make any accommodations.


Why does our team play 4 games while others play only 3? 

I’m concerned our team won’t get enough of a break between games.  Sometimes, due to an uneven number of teams in certain age groups, some teams would play an additional "bonus" game so that all teams in a certain bracket were provided with an equal number of games for tiebreaking purposes. In that case, the extra game won't count toward/against tiebreakers for your team if you've already completed your 3 games that count. In such a case, we can encourage the Lambert coaches to be VERY liberal with subs so as to save their legs as much as possible.


Can a U12 player be a last-minute sub for her injured U10 sister?  Also, another player is sick.

Unfortunately, the answer is no.  Tournament rules state that teams are bracketed by age of oldest player and you can't "play down", regardless of circumstances. For example, if you are in the U10G bracket, you can recruit younger players, but cannot go older. We can't bend the rules.


Can an athlete play on 2 teams if they aren’t in the same age group?

With regard to limiting a player to one team, our rules are designed as any youth tournament would be...a player can only play on one team.

The intent of that rule is out of concern for providing adequate rest time for the athletes between games.

What are the plans for inclement weather?

Ultimately, the goal is to play the tournament as scheduled.  If necessary, the first modification option would be to delay the start of the tournament.  If weather creates a long-term safety issue, the tournament will be pushed to the designated make-up day.

Please plan on having your child wear and/or bring layers.  It is quite possible that temperatures will be very low to start the day with the hopes of a warming trend as the day goes on.